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Help stop the cruel export of live horses for slaughter

Every year in Canada, more than 3,000 draft horses are loaded onto planes, packed tightly in crates and exported overseas where they will be slaughtered for meat. These horses are often subjected to lengthy transport journeys of up to 28 hours without food, water or rest and there is no requirement for the receiving countries overseas to report back to Canada on the conditions of the horses on arrival.

Your donation today will:

  • Support the promotion of a new federal parliamentary e-petition, led by Jann Arden and sponsored by MP Alistair MacGregor, calling on the Minister of Agriculture to follow through on the government’s commitment to end the live export of horses for slaughter.
  • Help raise public awareness of this cruel industry. Polling in February 2021 found that only 16% of Canadians were aware of the live horse export. This means that more than four in five residents in Canada have no idea that Canadian horses are exported for their meat. The VHS will be sharing this issue with supporters to ask them to send a personalized email or letter to their Member of Parliament (MP), the federal Minister of Agriculture, and the Prime Minister to share their concerns.

Can you support this important campaign and the VHS’s other animal advocacy efforts?

Take action

You can help by signing the NEW federal e-petition calling for a ban on the live export of horses for slaughter and sending a message to decision-makers.