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Don’t miss Capilano VegFest on September 27!

Great plant-based food. New vegan products. Compelling speakers.

Delicious plant-based food is just one of the reasons not to miss the first ever Capilano VegFest on September 27 at Capilano University. You’ll also find amazing cruelty-free, vegan products and services – and you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about living a compassionate lifestyle from expert speakers.

The event will feature 20 vendors, including some of Vancouver’s favourite vegan hotspots like Blue Heron Cheese, Nora’s ice cream, Willow’s Wax Bar, and Herbaland.

There will also be 10 presentations throughout the day on intriguing topics such as how the animal agriculture industry markets itself; what it’s like to be a professional vegan athlete; and how to raise a healthy, vegan family. Speakers include notable content creators, athletes, and other local vegan personalities, such as Anna Pippus, an animal rights lawyer and vegan mother; Geoff Regier, a former undercover investigator for Mercy for Animals; and even a 12-year-old passionate vegan advocate, Zoom the Vegan Kid.

You’ll have the chance to win several door prizes including a variety of vegan snacks and other foods from local vendors; gift-cards to vegan restaurants in Vancouver such as Meet, Chickpea, Virtuous Pie, and Heirloom; a signed copy of television host Lauren Toyota’s cookbook “Vegan Comfort Classics”; and several cruelty-free beauty and self-care items. 

The VegFest is being organized by the Capilano Vegan Club, whose president, Maclayne Simone, hopes the idea spreads: “There was all this culture surrounding sustainability and kindness at Capilano, but close to no initiatives involving veganism,” Simone says. “We wanted to change that. All summer, a group of a few women have worked so hard to bring this event to life and really kickstart the vegan community at Capilano and motivate others to host similar events at their schools. Our goal is to approach veganism in a way that is inspiring and to demonstrate how easy it is to make such a huge difference in the world!” 

The Vancouver Humane Society is honoured to sponsor Capilano VegFest because we know it will make difference.  Make sure you’re there so you can too!

Capilano VegFest
Thursday Sept 27, 2018
11:30am – 4:00pm
Capilano University’s
Birch Building