Donate to help end farmed animal suffering

Could you support millions of sentient beings in need with a donation?

For many years, the Vancouver Humane Society has been advocating for a more humane and ethical food system. The rise of the industrial animal agriculture system, commonly referred to as “factory farming”, is characterized by large numbers of animals confined in cramped, barren and unnatural conditions that significantly compromise their welfare. 

More than 841 million land animals were killed for food in Canada in 2022. From painful on-farm practices to stressful conditions surrounding transport, auction, and slaughter, there are many ways these animals suffer in their short lives. 

Your donation today will:

  • Support an online campaign encouraging animal advocates to send a message to the B.C. Minister of Agriculture and Premier calling for meaningful changes to protect farmed animals.  
  • Support Bill C-355, which aims to ban the live export of horses for slaughter, through an online campaign.
  • Help raise awareness about opportunities for input on stronger animal welfare guidelines in Canada’s Beef Cattle Code of Practice.
  • Help fund the VHS’s Plant University program, which supports individuals and institutions in transitioning toward a more plant-based diet. This program helps to decrease the high demand for animal products which drives factory farming, and brings us closer to a world free of animal exploitation. Your donation will support the promotion of Plant University through advertisements on buses and social media; engaging presentations and trainings at schools, senior homes, and other institutions; and plant-based recipe ideas emailed weekly to a growing community of engaged individuals. 

Can you support this important campaign and the VHS’s other animal advocacy efforts?

Take action

You can help by signing an e-petition calling for meaningful changes for farmed animals in B.C.