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What is the committee?

The VHS’s Animal Advocacy Committee (AAC) aims to bring together advocates from across British Columbia who are interested in engaging their elected representatives at the local and provincial level in support of stronger animal protections and animal-friendly policies.  

You bring the passion for change; the Vancouver Humane Society will share special actions, help you connect with other animal allies, and work with you every step of the way to make a meaningful difference for animals.

Here are some ways you might advocate for animals as part of the AAC: 

  • Meeting with a city councillor to advocate for a bylaw to prohibit inhumane rodeo events in your community; 
  • Gathering petition signatures in support of a proposal that will benefit animals; 
  • Speaking with your B.C. member of the legislative assembly (MLA) to encourage plant-forward food purchasing policies that help reduce the high demand for animal products and factory farming;
  • Writing and submitting a ‘Letter to the Editor’ to your local newspaper, sharing your concerns about wild and exotic animals in captivity.  

Who should join the committee?

Any B.C. resident who wants to help animals and support the VHS’s local and provincial campaign work! The current scope of the AAC’s work is focused on rodeo; plant-forward policies; wild and exotic animals in captivity; and farmed animal welfare.  

You don’t need to be an expert on these issues or have previous experience writing, meeting or speaking with decision-makers. All you need is an interest in taking action for animals and the VHS team will support you with the rest! 

Why is this important?

Your local City Council and provincial MLA were elected to represent their community – that includes you! It’s crucial they hear from their constituents about issues of concern. As a constituent of theirs, you are uniquely positioned to help bring animal welfare issues to their attention and advocate for change. 

How does the committee work?

The VHS will host online calls to support AAC members in sharing ideas, planning actions and building new skills. Once you sign up to join the AAC, you’ll be invited to the next online call. The VHS is also available to support AAC members’ advocacy work between online calls, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Questions? Contact VHS Campaign Director, Emily Pickett, at

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