Donate to help end animal suffering

Will you join me in creating a more compassionate future for animals?

Emily Pickett, VHS Campaign Director

This spring marks 10 years that I’ve been involved with the Vancouver Humane Society. I’m so grateful for your generosity and unwavering compassion for animals in the past decade, which has supported the VHS in:

  • Providing emergency veterinary care to thousands of companion animals
  • Decreasing farmed animal consumption with changes to government, public and private institutional food policies and practices
  • Commissioning a report with Zoocheck Canada that helped secure a Canada-wide ban on whale and dolphin captivity
  • Successfully campaigning with animal advocates and organizations for a ban on some of the most dangerous and inhumane rodent poisons

None of these wins for animals would have been possible without compassionate advocates like you. That’s why I’m hopeful that with your help we can secure urgently needed protections to ease animal suffering in the near future.

Your donation today will:

  • Help the VHS monitor and document rodeos and use the footage to advocate for changes in bylaws, policies and practices that prohibit inhumane roping, wrestling and bucking events.
  • Help the VHS continue to keep the plight of farmed animals on the radar of decision-makers and advocate for meaningful changes to better protect these vulnerable animals.
  • Raise awareness about ways to prevent animal suffering through wide-reaching messaging including billboards, bus ads, online ads, radio, news coverage, and the VHS’s podcast.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Emily Pickett, VHS Campaign Director

Can you support this important campaign and the VHS’s other animal advocacy efforts?

Take action to protect farmed animals

Following growing concerns about the state of farmed animal welfare in B.C., a committee tasked with reviewing the province’s farmed animal welfare framework has presented its recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture. Join the VHS in urging decision-makers to prioritize next steps!