Silver has been experiencing issues with bladder crystals for the past 3 years. Despite being on a special urinary tract diet, she still encounters regular flare ups. After multiple urinalysis tests she was recently diagnosed with FIC (cat stress cystitis).

Silver was born an only kitten to a momma cat that had been abandoned in an old farm house in northern Alberta. Thankfully Silver was taken in by her now loving owner Crestall and her mom was taken in by Crestall’s mother.

She immediately loved my dogs and adopted my old female dog as her mom.

Crestall and Silver recently moved into a trailer, as Crestall found herself out of work due to Covid-19 and could no longer afford the place she had called home for the past 12 years.

Unfortunately the tiny space that we now live in has mould issues. I have been trying to manage it with regular cleaning and air purifiers. Two months ago Silver started coughing and was diagnosed with Bronchitis, which has to be managed every month with a steroid antihistamine shot.

Silver now needs further testing for blood work and cultures to determine how her kidneys are functioning and whether she is at risk of diabetes due to the use of steroids for her bronchitis.

Crestall needs help to fund Silver’s latest veterinary bill as she has exhausted her finances with multiple veterinary trips and medications.

Could you make a donation today to help Silver and Crestall? 

Raised: $407 Goal: $500
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