Mitzi has been inseparable from her guardian Warren and his partner since they adopted her in 2014. Sadly, Warren lost his partner to cancer last year. He and Mitzi have been grieving together; Warren has also been struggling to save for a home they can live in after losing their previous home. The pair currently live in a small motorhome, which is all they can afford.

Recently, Mitzi has begun to have serious problems with her teeth. Warren can’t stand to see her uncomfortable, but is unable to afford treatment.

“I have been doing my best to keep her happy and healthy while I struggle with the loss of my partner of 11 years. I just got a quote today to clean and extract one tooth. Not being able to afford to take her to vet is so hard. It breaks my heart to see her struggle, so I am asking for help.”

If left untreated, dental disease can cause chronic pain and tooth loss.

“Mitzi means the world to me. I'm not happy unless she's ok.”

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