I have had Mittens since she was only six weeks old. She is truly loved. She likes to sleep cuddled right up to me at night. She purrs lots because she is so very happy. Recently though, she has been unwell and all that she is doing right now is laying around.

After noticing something was wrong with Mittens, her owner Debbie took her to the local veterinary clinic for a blood test. Mittens was prescribed some medication for kidney issues.  

I could not keep her on the meds because it was making her breathe really fast. I knew I needed to go back to the vet, but I had already spent $250 on her last visit. 

Debbie desperately reached out to the McVitie Fund after being told that Mittens would need to be hooked up to an IV for a couple of days. She also needed x-rays and an ultrasound, as well as a urinalysis to determine if she had kidney disease.

I love her with all my heart and soul. I have previously spent $3,000 on two of my cats who were both sick and sadly died just a few days apart. I can't bear to lose my Mittens too. 

Could you make a donation today to contribute towards the cost of Mitten's veterinary care? 


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