After noticing Memphis was having difficultly urinating, his owner Rochelle rushed him to the vet. Memphis urgently needed x-rays to determine the blockage, and treatment to resolve the issue.

We’ve had Memphis for eight years and he is a treasured member of our family. My son is seven years old and would be devastated if he was not in our lives. Memphis is frisky, friendly, and just wants to be everyone's friend. He is very affectionate and every time I sit or lay down, he comes to snuggle and purr.

Rochelle told VHS that seeing Memphis is pain was devastating.

He was unable to urinate at all and his bladder could have burst. It was so worrying.

Memphis’ total veterinary bill was more than $2,000. Thankfully the McVitie Fund is there to help in these types of situations. 

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Raised: $ Goal: $500
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