When Khan needed urgent X-rays and dental care, his guardian reached out to VHS for support.

This usually goofy pup had not been himself. He normally loved to play “zoomies” in the backyard with his guardian Brian, but his tooth was causing him pain. A vet confirmed that he had an abscessed tooth and would need extractions and dental cleaning. Brian couldn’t afford the full cost of the $941 procedure for his beloved dog.

“This dog means the world to me. I'm retired and he gives me a reason to get up every morning to go on the first of three walks a day.”

When loving animal guardians are faced with this dilemma, many are forced to surrender their pets to the shelter system. Pet illness and the cost of pet guardianship are two of the most common reasons for dog surrender.

Luckily, VHS’s McVitie Fund was here to cover the $400 balance of Khan’s dental procedure and get him back home with his loving guardian.

Will you donate today to help more animals like Khan get the urgent care they need?

Raised: $20 Goal: $400.00
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