Kaylee found Gaffer, an 8-month old kitten, in a house with an apparently broken leg. The folks he lived with did not have the capacity to get him care. Kaylee brought him to a veterinary clinic right away, but lacked the funds to pay in full for the necessary amputation.

It is unknown how his leg was broken, but that is why I rescued him. I wanted to help him as he was in pain. When I asked if I could take him, the people living in the house said yes. I love him so much already, even though I just met him. 

No animal should have to suffer what Gaffer has been through. That's why Kaylee reached out to the McVitie Fund for financial assistance, to help cover the cost of his urgent veterinary care.  

Could you make a donation today towards the cost of Gaffer's amputation?

Raised: $ Goal: $500
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