Sherrie contacted VHS as Digby was suffering from severe diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy. She told us that he had very limited interest in food, and would bring up anything that he did eat. 

Digby came to me as a rescue. His previous owner had left him in a crate day and night, with the exception of fifteen minutes outdoors twice a day. Digby had no socialization training and was very timid. I worked patiently with him, earning his trust, and he eventually emerged from his crate after a week. 

Digby's loving owner Sherrie told VHS that she often wonders "who rescued who", as Digby has been her constant companion during two rounds of cancer and an ongoing battle with heart disease. 

Sherrie had immediately taken Digby to the vet, but as a senior on low income, she needed help with the veterinary bills for Digby's treatment.  

Digby has definitely made my life worth waking up to, with his optimism and gentle loving nature, even accepting his recent blindness in stride.

The McVitie Fund operates to ensure that pets can stay in their loving homes. VHS believes that no animal should be unnecessarily given up to a shelter or euthanized because of financial struggles.

Could you make a donation today to help cover the cost of  Digby's veterinary care? We are so grateful for your support to help keep Digby and Sherrie together.  

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