Bubble began experiencing trouble urinating at the start of 2020. She would experience painful episodes of frequent but minimal urination, soiling outside the litter box, having blood in her urine, refusing to eat, and in extreme cases vomiting.

Bubble’s owner Hailey, has taken her on multiple trips to different veterinary clinics, which have all been unsuccessful at diagnosing the issue. When Bubble’s symptoms started recurring at a frequent and concerning rate, Hailey reached out to the McVitie Fund for assistance.

She is suspected to have chronic feline idiopathic cystitis, but all three vets that I visited recommended doing an abdominal ultrasound/x-ray as a final diagnosis to rule out cancer or tumours. As Bubble approaches her golden years (she is almost 16), obvious signs of aging are showing rapidly. Seeing your own fur-baby in excruciating pain while knowing you don’t have the means to provide treatment/diagnosis is one of the most heart-wrenching feelings in the world.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the McVitie Fund is there to help vulnerable individuals access urgent veterinary care for their companion animals. 

As somebody who suffers from anxiety and chronic pain, I learned that Bubble is more than just a pet - she is my emotional support companion. Bubble curls up in my arms each night and guides me to breathe mindfully to the rhythm of her own purring. She may have been a rescue from the shelter, but she sure did save my life!

Could you make a donation today to cover the cost of Bubble's veterinary care, enabling her to live out her senior years in comfort? Thanks to a generous anonymous matching grant donor, all donations will be doubled.

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