Last year Bandit lost his vision in one eye. In October this year he went fully blind, due to the pressure in his eyes. The eye drops that had previously been prescribed for Bandit were no longer helping,  and sadly he needed both eyes removing.

Bandit is my daughter's best friend. He has been in our lives since 2014, when my daughter was just 10 years old.

Bandit had been unable to close his eyelids fully, and without this procedure to remove his eyes, he was at risk of corneal ulcers and dryness due to exposure.

I just want my daughter's best little buddy to be ok and healthy, so he can be a part of our family for years to come. He is such a good boy. He used to love to run and he was so good at catching! Now that he can't see, he takes his time and all of his movements are thought out and deliberate. He can't play now like he used to, but he is still so loving and a happy boy through everything. He lights up and wiggles his tail when he hears my daughter get home from school. 

Bandit's owner Emily, recently finished her academic studies and started an apprenticeship last month as an electrician. 

I am still trying to catch up on paying bills and providing for my 16 and 1-year-old daughters. 

The cost of Bandit's surgery was estimated at almost $2,000. Emily reached out to the McVitie Fund for help and told us about the financial hardship that she was facing.

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Raised: $ Goal: $500
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