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You are not alone if you oppose rodeo cruelty

Calf roping: Rodeo cruelty Calgary Stampede

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals



VHS is well known for its campaigns against rodeo cruelty and many compassionate Canadians have supported our efforts.  But most animal welfare organizations here in Canada and around the world also oppose rodeo.

BC SPCA pledge on rodeosHere in British Columbia, the BC SPCA has taken a strong stand against cruel rodeo events.  Most recently, in week fifteen of its Million Acts of Kindness campaign, the society called on people to “pledge never to attend a rodeo.”

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies is also against rodeos, stating that it is “opposed in principle to rodeo and is working towards the ultimate abolition of this activity.”


Humane Society International Canada has stated that: “Rodeos encourage an insensitivity to and acceptance of exploitation of animals under the guise of sport and entertainment.”


Internationally, the American SPCA’s position on rodeo states: “The ASPCA is opposed to all rodeo events that involve cruel, painful, stressful and potentially harmful treatment of animals, not only in performance but also in handling, transport and prodding to perform. The ASPCA recognizes the cruel treatment inflicted on many additional animals in the process of practicing to compete in rodeo events. Further, the ASPCA is opposed to children’s rodeo events such as goat tying, calf riding and sheep riding (“mutton busting”), which do not promote humane care and respect for animals.”

The Royal SPCA of Australia is “opposed to rodeos because of the potential for significant injury, suffering or distress to the animals involved.”

The Royal New Zealand SPCA “believes that the skills demonstrated and promoted in rodeos are irrelevant in a modern society, and that the stress on all animals involved is such that their welfare is put at risk. The SPCA is opposed to the use of spurs and rowels in rodeos, and is particularly opposed to events such as bronco riding, calf roping and steer wrestling, where injury to animals may occur. The SPCA believes that rodeos are detrimental in terms of fostering a caring attitude towards living creatures.”

The National SPCA of South Africa has stated: “Any event held at a rodeo has elements of animal abuse and cruelty.”

Please sign our petition calling on CBC Sports to stop broadcasting rodeo at the Calgary Stampede.

Please join our campaign to stop rodeo cruelty in Abbotsford, B.C.






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Rodeos should never, ever be part of a civilized society. They are cruel. Do we really need to treat animals this way in order to be ‘entertained”?

I attended the Calgary Stampede once,and will NEVER go again. The treatment of the animals is totally inhumane and should in no way be considered entertainment.

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