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Wolf kill contest should be cancelled

                             Photo: Ian McAllister,

A report in the Vancouver Sun describes a disturbing contest in Fort St. John, B.C., in which prizes are to be awarded for killing wolves.  The Sun reports says:

“A privately sponsored wolf-kill contest is offering cash and other prize incentives for hunters to shoot the predators this winter in northeast B.C.

Hunters who kill the largest wolves stand to receive $250 to $1,000 and up, with a booby prize of $150 for the smallest wolf and draws for prizes such as a rifle and free taxidermy work.”

The contest has outraged many people in B.C. and VHS believes the contest’s sponsors should cancel the event.

The contest sponsors include (click for contact info):

Rich Petersen, Remax realtor

Guy Lahaye, president of the North Peace Rod & Gun Club

Raven Oilfield Rentals

Backcountry (hunting & fishing store)

Mr. Green-Up Envirotech Ltd.

If you agree that killing wolves for prizes is wrong, please contact the sponsors and politely request that they cancel this contest.

31 replies on “Wolf kill contest should be cancelled”

Killing wolves for prizes is absolutely wrong. Please do the compassionate thing and cancel this “contest”

If you want to be a hero, don’t sponsor a kill of wolfs, they want to live as well, as you do.. sponsor something that will help the animals, make a donation to a shelter … If it is animals you hate, you could always help disabled children….please do the right thing..

your link to the realtor Rich Peterson isn’t working.
wouldn’t it be better to create a letter we can sign and send electronically?

Wow…and they call us Albertans rednecks! Disgusting! I agree with Laura – we need one letter to circulate. Keep up the great work VHS – thanks for all you do!

I did send an e-mail to the North Peace Rod and Gun Club asking them not to hold this barbaric contest. But I suspect these rednecks enjoy this kind of entertainment.

Wolves are a keystone species, vital to the environment and integral to our eco-system. They should not be treated as prizes or culled. If anything we should be doing more to protect them and preserving our natural heritage for future generations.

This is simply horrible. Please stop this nonsense. There are so much more civilized contest not signed with blood. Please let theses animals live in peace. We’ve done enough to them already.

Killing animals of any kind is deplorable. I understand if it is for food, but not for a contest. Really who is going to get any respect from another human being because Youve won first prize for killing a wolf. Do You really need that praise. Please stop this kind of cruelty from happening. PLEASE!!!!!

This is so wrong! Please find another animal like elk or rabbits that are in abundance.
Wolves are few and sacred.
How about a round of paintball?

Please can the Vancouver Humane Society draw up a letter/petition and circulate it on Facebook and other networking sites as well as their own website? I fear that sending individual messages will just be ignored, but a well-crafted petition, signed by a large number of people, pointing out the cruelty of this ‘contest’ AND the fact that this is going to look very very bad for BC might have a greater impact.

How absolutely heartwrenching! Long after your contest is over people will be haunted by it. Animal sensitive people die a little with each bullet hunters shoot.

How can they love their livestocks and not wolfs? just because these wolfs have no economic value to them.

This is just wrong!! You people actually get your jollies killing beautiful animals for a contest?? For $250.00?? You need your head examined and I could give you some names of some Psychiatrists or Psycologists that could perhaps help you. Sick, sick, sick!!
You make me think of something out of Deliverance!! Uneducated for sure. These animals have a place in this world just as you and I do. To kill for food is one thing- for a stupid contest???? Give me a break!!

I agree with Laura. Also please stop hunting for the fun of it. I can understand if they are in a tribe and hunt for survival reasons but if its only for pleasure then I advise you to stop. We are already ruining their habitat, we should stop being so selfish.

I wrote a letter to all of the contacts listed here, I hope other readers are inspired and angered enough to do the same.

Its not fair that you people should be doing this wolf hunt because these beautiful creatures deserve to live as well as you. Being a first nation man its against our religion to kill wolves because wolves are our blood brothers so shame on you

I realize there are idiots everywhere,,still am amazed they like to advertise to the world who and where they are,,somehow, somewhere there must be someone that can make them realize “helping animals AND people”” is much more rewarding.

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