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VHS news release on chuckwagon incidents

July 8, 2014

Vancouver Humane Society says chuckwagon race fundamentally unsafe
Man injured, horse dead in separate incidents at Calgary Stampede

Vancouver – The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) says the Calgary Stampede should suspend its chuckwagon races after a man was injured and a horse was killed in separate incidents at the Stampede chuckwagon track today.

“We are extremely sad to hear about these incidents,” said VHS spokesperson Peter Fricker. “We hope the injured man makes a full recovery.”

VHS is calling on the Stampede to establish an independent panel of equine and veterinary experts to review the chuckwagon race to see if it can be made safer. “It’s clear that right now this event is fundamentally unsafe and should be suspended until a thorough review can take place,” Fricker said.


3 replies on “VHS news release on chuckwagon incidents”

Good Lord!

When are we going to stop this event. Every year, EVERY year, horses end up dead or injured. This not the golden age of Rome and it is not the Roman Colosseum,


The BC SPCA and the Vancouver Humane Society should have a voice on this panel, if the Calgary Stampede really cares about these animals like the say they do then why not let respected organizations like the BC SPCA and Vancouver Humane Society have representatives on these panels, to help make the proper decisions. There is no doubt that the BC SPCA and the Vancouver Humane Society have the best interest of these animals at heart and they are very informed on their proper care and treatment. Horses are extremely intelligent and sensitive creatures and to see them harmed in this way is very sad. Many rodeo events exploit horses and cause them pain, suffering and even death.

The bcspca??? Who are the to comment on horse issues, name a horse expert at the bcspca…. The don’t even have a facility for horses…. Heck they couldn’t hp those huskeys…. Worry about rodeo in your province.

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