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VHS launches ad condemning calf-roping

VHS is publishing a thought-provoking ad in a Calgary newspaper condemning rodeo calf-roping.  The ad, appearing in Fast Forward Weekly on Thursday, July 5, highlights the young age of calves used in the event by juxtaposing a photo of a calf and a human baby, underlined by the words: “Just 3 months old – Would you abuse a baby to entertain a crowd?”

The ad can be seen here.

CTV coverage.

10 replies on “VHS launches ad condemning calf-roping”

I think people in Vancouver have way more problems themselves & should look in their own backyards before coming to Calgary. There’s the captive animals at the marine park & how about that professor who is experimenting on cats & using taxpayer dollars to do it? UBC researcher Dr. Peter John Soja (Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)has been experimenting on cats since at least 1980, with approximately 30 primary research articles using cats (and a few on rats) to examine the neural networks involved in sleep, pain and anesthesia. He started working on cats as part of his Master’s thesis which then extended to his Doctoral degree, Postdoctoral work, and now to his research program as a Faculty member in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. From the freely accessible reports of his research, at least 160 cats were subjected to very invasive surgical procedures by his research program. This is most certainly an underestimate, since these numbers do not include the cats that died during surgery and for which data could not be collected. His work on cats is likely ongoing, as he has received a grant until 2013 from the government organization CIHR to fund his research. Since I am a cat lover I’d like some explanation as to why these animals have to suffer so some guy can get his PHD?

Diane I am not in support of any of the cruelties that you outline either. There has got to be a better way than using animals in research. Two wrongs don’t make a right however. Animals used in research it could be argued – lame as the argument is – are being used for the “good of mankind”. What happens during the stampede is clearly just to provide “entertainment” and make money for some people. It is incomprehensible that anyone could enjoy watching animals being tortured and abused. Probably safe to say that most people don’t enjoy it and it keeps many people away from the Stampede. Animal lovers like you who live in Calgary could have the most influence and could be instrumental in changes being made. Please do what you can to get the cruel practices stopped. The Stampede will emerge stronger and better as a result – one that can be celebrated as forward thinking and indeed the best of the best!.

I’m not sure how this became a discussion about a man experimenting on cats in Vancouver. Of course that’s wrong, but let’s not distract from the issue here.

I don’t understand how people here in my hometown can snuggle with their pets at night and then watch and/or support calf-roping at the Stampede. It is not a heritage activity as no self-respecting settler or rancher would have treated his cattle (and therefore his money) this way and Guy Weadick added it to the “show” because he was a showman – it was for ENTERTAINMENT only. The number of people who think these calves don’t feel pain or terror as they are chased and yanked and often injured/killed/euthanized is staggering. The ignorance is ridiculous. VHS isn’t trying to shut down the Stampede – they are trying to bring attention to a barbaric “sport” that doesn’t belong in today’s society knowing what we know and supposedly having a moral compass within our society. There would be no economic downfall to cancelling this activity and removing it from the rodeo. Have a heart. Look at the photos of the poor calves enduring the snap of the rope around their necks as the rope tightens between the force of the calf running in terror and the man yanking at the other end as the calf whips through the air and snaps back… it’s atrocious and disgusting and sad.

Let’s continue the Stampede and the party and just remove the torture. Is that so threatening?? And let’s keep the conversation on topic nd accomplish something!

AMEN to that!!
There is no good reason to continue with the abusive events, except that rodeo contestants will have to learn how to handle stock correctly. For a change.
I watched a bit of the calf-strangling from day 2. A calf was jerked down, and then was able to break free from his tie. The announcer said “Because the animal was jerked down, there will be no time.” WRONG. The next calf was jerked down even harder, by Clif Cooper, and whoops, he made a time.
CBC doesn’t even have the balls to show the instant the calf is clotheslined. CBC’s coverage is pathetic, and that Mr. Harper saw fit to donate 5million of OUR tax-dollars to this, is just the icing on the cruelty cake.

The people of. Vancouver are Canadians and citizens of our world, I support the banning of rodeos and I have lived in 3 Canadian provinces including Vanc, calgary, Edmonton and Montreal. Just as bull fighting was Spain’s national sport and was banned last year after a thousand years of history, the calgary stampede will sooner or later yield to the same conclusion. Glad someone brought this to my attention.

Anyone who has any idea of beef animals or the livestock raised by rodeo stock contractors can clearly see the calf in the ad is much younger than 3 months old, it is likely only 3 days. This is not an accurate example of the size or strength of animal used in timed events at rodeos.
Having grown up working on a farm, with livestock, now working in an industry with them and being involved with fairs and rodeos from a young age, I have many issues with the VHS and their campaigns.
Today’s society is very impressionable from media such as this and until they have exposure to Canadian farms, ranches, the behind the scenes, hard work and dedication to proper animal treatment and care by stock contractors, farmers and ranchers, cowboys and cowgirls, they will be influenced by ads such as this after just one glance.
Realize the reality of the work and care these people put in day in and day out. No vacation, no sick days, this is their livelihood. I would strongly encourage the president, workers and supporters of the VHS to take the time to go to a farm, ranch or behind the scenes care of rodeos. When was the last time someone took a look around and saw the changes this industry has gone through and put in place on their own, not because of government regulations but because they themselves care?

I hope everyone supporting VHS’s Calf-Baby ad campaign is vegetarian. That lamb in your plate is about the same age. In fact, most meat you eat was still in “pre-school” before it headed for the slaughterhouse (which was it’s fate from the moment it was born – never had the chance to make it to elementary school)

Strange how rodeo supporters are so obsessed with my personal diet, employment status and fashion choices. I guess it helps divert the topic away from rodeos and chuckwagon racing. In any case, I am a vegetarian, I do not wear leather, and I have a full time job. I was also protesting outside the Stampede on July 14 with about 30 other people who braved the insults, slurs and assaults from rodeo-goers. It was very insightful to see first -hand the angry, uncaring and vicious nature of the people going into the rodeo. If this is what our “western culture” looks like, I’m happy to have no part of it!

Yes, it’s very odd, isn’t it? You must be a tree-huggin’ vegan pussy if you are against animal abuse in any form. Our meat animals deserve good treatment, and a merciful end. Not an exhibition of how easy it is to scare the shit out of them.

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