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The times they are a changin’

Eat less meat

Back in 2008, VHS had an opinion piece published in the Globe & Mail, calling for a reduction in meat consumption for animal welfare, environmental and health reasons.

At the time, we weren’t hopeful that governments, mainstream media or other power brokers were likely to take the issue seriously, despite the overwhelming evidence of the problems caused by meat production and consumption.

But last week, there was a hopeful sign of change when the foremost nutrition advisory panel in the United States officially called for Americans to eat less meat to protect their health and the environment.  (Animal welfare is not in the panel’s mandate, but its advice, if heeded, would likely save many animals from suffering and slaughter on factory farms across the U.S.)

Another welcome sign of the times was an amazing article in the Globe & Mail this week by nutritionist Leslie Beck.  Quoting celebrated Canadian scientist Dr. David Jenkins, the article laid out the compelling reasons why a vegan diet benefits human health, the environment and animal welfare.

So far, there is no indication that Health Canada, which produces Canada’s Food Guide, will follow the U.S. example of recommending a cut in meat consumption.  But with more articles like Leslie Beck’s it may only be a matter of time before Canada catches up.

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