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Protest against the Luxton Rodeo

steer is killed in Luxton Rodeo

Please join with local animal advocates to protest against the Luxton Pro Rodeo in Langford, near Victoria, BC.

Peaceful protests will be held on:

Saturday, May 18th from 1pm to 4pm

Sunday, May 19th from 1pm to 4pm

Location: 1040 Marwood Avenue in Langford.

(A preparation/information meeting will be held at 12:30 to 1 pm at the nearby Happy Valley School at 3291 Happy Valley Road to answer any questions.)

More info on Facebook Event links: Saturday and Sunday

For additional information contact:

Melissa de Meulles
Twitter @vcare2013


5 replies on “Protest against the Luxton Rodeo”

Although traditional, this is not something to be doing anymore. If you believe it is alright to stress these animals by inflicting unnecessary pain, there is clearly something wrong with your way of thinking….I can start naming people that thought inflicting pain on animals was acceptable…you know, Carla Holmolka, Jeffrey Dahmer, the list goes on. Cruelty inflicted by these and many more people are the protocol for a serial killer. If you are still okay with this, then shame on you!

Please put an end to this cruel ‘entertainment’ ,Animals are being exploited and abused!!!

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