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Please sign petition before Tim Hortons AGM

Conventional battery hens

UPDATE:  Tim Hortons has announced an animal welfare initiative. Details here.  Stay tuned for VHS reaction.

On May 10th, Tim Hortons will hold its annual general meeting in Toronto. A shareholder resolution will be proposed asking Tim Hortons to stop buying eggs and pork from hens and pigs confined in cramped metal cages.

Add YOUR voice to the discussion. Sign our petition here and TELL TIM HORTONS TO STOP SUPPORTING FARM ANIMAL CRUELTY. We have collected more than 23,000 signatures so far – AT LEAST 10,000 is even better.

Please sign and share today. We have only A FEW DAYS LEFT!

47 replies on “Please sign petition before Tim Hortons AGM”

I have been a loyal customer of Tim Horton’s for at LEAST 12 years now…….and sadly, I have to end that loyalty……..I will boycott Tim Horton’s, and will ask my friends to do the same, until/unless Tim Horton’s stops supporting Farm Animal cruelty. Anyone with a concious, shouldn’t have a problem with stopping the support….so do the right thing. There are many farms Tim Horton’s can support that do NOT abuse their animals. Free range chickens, and free run pigs……google it.

I “DID” like Tim Hortons…but if they are buying animals that have been poorly treated I will buy my stuff elsewhere.


Please support happy, healthy chickens that have not been made crazy by the type of environments that they live in. Would you want to be treated like this? Please, some compassion is asked for here and a better choice. Stop supporting farm animal cruelty.

I will not support Tim Hortons as long as you support farm animal cruelty. I’ll drink my coffee elsewhere.

We really need to think of all creatures on this planet as equal. I`d hate to be caged for my life and I think these hens should be thought of as great producers of nutrients for us to survive on.

Please stop supporting farm animal cruelty. The conditions that these hens are raised in is barbaric. Hens are intelligent creatures that do not deserve to suffer at the hands of cruel farmers.

Please, listen to your clients and contribute to the people’s health by buying your raw products from responsible farmers, possibly local producers, so we all can provide a healthier environment to the next generations. Customers today are choosing those food providers who take care of their customer’s health. Tim Hortons will benefit greatly doing that.
Thank you.

Animals deserve to be treated humanely, weather it is a chicken or a cow or a domestic pet. This is not acceptable anymore in this day and age. Please do not support any farms that treat their animals like this. There seems to be no regard for animals.

I look after 8 mentally challenged adult clients, along with their families we meet at Tim Hortons for fun times. We talk about this weeks challenge. How can we do better in society? How can we teach other people who are not mentally challenged to see better ways in treating others, especially animals. You will never see a mentally challenged chicken, because in society people, well some of them are treated better than others. As we sit and talk about what we as human beings do to make society more acceptable? We first must challenge other people, especially if it is a reputable company such as Tim Hortons, to see the error and make better changes. This is what we ask, and hope that they can change their ways . . .and hope every other company do the same. Thank you.

This is just not right,please stop farm animal cruelty.The animals don’t need to be kept like this,why just to save more money or perhaps because of space.There must be a better way for the poor animals that are giving there lives so we can eat ,to be treated.

It’s getting so you can’t eat anywhere without the company abusing animals for food prep – I’m thinking Vegan isn’t such a bad idea when you envision what these little guys go thru just to be eaten. It’s disgusting!

” The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be judged by the way its Animals are treated” Gandhi

I didn’t know. You wont see me there again – ever. If they can support this we don’t know what else they are capable of.

The name “Tim Horton’s” has always been synonymous with charity, community and caring. It’s time to step up and be accountable. The world is slowly changing and the public is no longer kept in the dark when it comes to the humane treatment of animals. Please don’t disappoint your faithful customers. Do what’s right and honourable.

Everyone can say “if I knew this I wouldn’t go there”… “How could anyone eat there again”… Truth is, until things “really” change, you will have to stop eating everything except vegetables, and even then there will be some kind of human abuse! In order to fix any of this first you have to be realistic! This is not a new thing! Spread the word so others will know! Also under stand that these types of farming and raising wouldn’t happen if or government didn’t allow it to happen! Start with the problem…

dogs kept in these conditions would be seized, owners charged, dogs rescued, media attention….but this is legal, accepted by government regulations. its time for this to stop. we also need to draw attention to the tens of thousands that burn to death each year, all because there are no fire prevention measures in existing barns. they are ticking time bombs, withtrapped animals burning to death each year.

I signed the petition and I also found the press release here; I emailed David Morelli directly as well. Great work bringing this to our attention.

How cruel and stupid we humans are. We love animals and we love to eat them, never mind what horrible lives they lead only to end up be slaughtered in inhumane ways.
When will we ever learn and when will we stop going to the Tim Hortons, the MacDonalds, the Burger Kings and such? Are we really THAT stupid?? Yes, I guess some of us are.

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