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Please help animals like Charlie on Giving Tuesday!

It’s Giving Tuesday, the day Canadians and people around the world give back to their communities and help others.  VHS is asking you to help animals today – Animals like Charlie, pictured left.

Charlie had swallowed a rock, which needed to be surgically removed right away. His guardians didn’t have the money for this expensive surgery, so VHS stepped in to help. Although he nearly died, Charlie pulled through, and this seven-year-old Golden Retriever is now healed and glad to be home.

He’s just one of many animals VHS has helped through our McVitie Fund, which assists animals in desperate need of emergency veterinary care. A wonderful donor has committed to doubling all donations up to $15,000! Please donate $10.00, or any amount you are comfortable with, and then ask your family, friends and co-workers to follow your generous lead in honour of GivingTuesday.

You can also help us run a compelling bus ad posing the question why love one animal but eat the other!

With your help we can save animals today, tomorrow and long into the future!