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Pipeline threat to precious wildlife

Grizzly in the Great Bear Rainforest. Photo by Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild

Why VHS opposes the Northern Gateway pipeline 

British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is home to an abundance of wildlife.  Kermode bears (spirit bears), Grizzly bears, wolves, whales, salmon and many other species depend on the forest and its pristine waterways and coastline for their survival.

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will deliver oil to giant tankers plying the rugged coastal waters of the Rainforest, putting the welfare wildlife at risk.  For that reason, VHS supports the efforts of environmental groups opposed to the pipeline.  We urge our supporters, other animal welfare groups and animal lovers everywhere to do the same.

Photographs and video footage of the Great Bear Rainforest and its wildlife show just what is at stake in the fight to stop the pipeline.  They show just how unique the forest is and how precious the animals are.

Below are some links to more videos

Spirit bears of the Rainforest (Pacific Wild video)

Wolves in the Rainforest (Pacific Wild video)

This is not an Enbridge animation (Shortt and Epic video for Dogwood Initiative)

Some organizations opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline (each with recommended actions):

Pacific Wild

The Dogwood Initiative

Greenpeace Canada

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Living Oceans

Sierra Club BC

West Coast Environmental Law

Forest Ethics

Nature Canada

Pipe Up Against Enbridge

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