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Majority of BC residents oppose rodeos, trophy hunts and killing animals for fur

Calf-roping is cruel

A majority of British Columbians are opposed to rodeos, according to a poll by research company Insights West.

The poll found that 56% of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, with only 38% in favour of them.

The poll also revealed that large majorities of people in B.C. are opposed to trophy hunting and killing animals for fur.

“Across British Columbia, only one-in-ten residents (10%) are in favour of hunting animals for sport, while 88% are opposed to the practice. Killing animals for their fur is endorsed by just 15% of British Columbians, and rejected by 81%,” said Insights West’s press release on the poll results.

Insights West has also published a more detailed report on the poll findings.