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Luxton Rodeo calls it quits after campaign by VHS and VCARE

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The Luxton Rodeo in Langford, B.C. has been cancelled, following a three-year campaign by the Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) and Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events (VCARE).

The campaign,which gained support from local people in Langford and from animal lovers across the country, had called for an end to cruel rodeo events.  Powerful newspaper ads, like the one shown at left, helped raise public awareness about rodeo animal cruelty. VHS would like to thank everyone who supported this effort – this is your victory.

The demise of Luxton is another sign that British Columbians are turning against the cruelty of rodeo.  A 2013 public opinion poll by Insights West found that 56% of B.C. residents are opposed to rodeos, with only 38% in favour of them. On Vancouver Island, 63% were opposed to rodeos.

The cancellation of the Luxton Rodeo is the second blow to the rodeo industry in recent years.  In 2007, after a long campaign by VHS, the Cloverdale Rodeo announced that it would discontinue four key events: calf-roping, steer-wrestling, team-roping and wild cow milking.  VHS also convinced the City of Vancouver to ban rodeos in 2006.

VHS will continue its fight to end rodeo cruelty, including our campaign calling on the Calgary Stampede to drop calf-roping and to suspend its chuckwagon race.

Please join us in our effort to end the suffering of rodeo animals. With your help we will gain more victories for compassion and civilized behaviour toward animals.

Visit our rodeo campaign page for more information.









Great campaign and awesome work! We hope calf-roping will be eliminated everywhere; it’s a horribly inhumane “tradition”. Thank you for your hard work for the animals!

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your tireless campaign! This gives me much hope for our nation! Much can be said about a nation by the way it treats its animals!

No animal should be tortured for entertainment! This is heartbreaking how would the they (they are not human they are soulless beasts) like to have there ears bitten when they don’t have the fight to stand or airways blocked by rope to be dragged around when all there will has left, can’t call it tradition or entertainment, theirs plenty to do without harming animals! People need to see what happens that aren’t used to watching or hearing about these ‘traditions’ I’m from manchester in England and in the past we know of Mexicans with the bulls and red flags (stereotypical) what is the need to drag and tie up a small calf for ‘fun’ get a hobby, bike riding,writing, painting anything WHY does it have to involve hurting animals. A tradition is at christmas getting together and watching you’re favourite christmas film, putting up the tree. Not hey let’s go to a rodeo watching animals get abused?! If you have the money for that you have the money to do something else! It CANNOT be ignored! Everyday people getting on with their normal lives need to stop and see just for a few minutes to help this halmful torture mentally and physically to animals stop!

Thank you to all involved for your tireless work and success. Let’s hope that our animal cruelty laws become stronger and enforced… if this happens it will be because of people like you who work hard behind the scenes to make it happen… Thanks again and the animals thank you also.. God Bless.

This is SO GREAT NEWS ! BRAVO ! I’m proud of you, & really glad. It’s time to stop ALL rodeos going on ! When I was young, came to West CAN & Calgary to visit & saw that famous Cal Stampede…being young (teen) & somewhat ignorant I “bragged” about it when I came back home saying how much I loved my trip (saw the Rockies..),etc..including that rodeo..innocently, (VERY innocently..) I thought that the horses taken for the show were still kind of “wild”, & that’s why, when a man hopped on their back, they did not like it, were not used to it, and so they KICKED….ha ha ! & so soon as man jumped back on the other horse, it stopped, in my head, it made “sense”…!!! When I was home, my brother, who KNEW horses much (he became soon after “Maréchal Ferrant”/look it up in dictionary/lol) told me EXACTLY WHY the horses kicked & kicked like hell..) !!!! NO WONDER I then thought ! my jaw “dropped”, & from then on, & never returned & commented negatively about the Stampede…I can’t believe people STILL go to rodeos ! Wake up !!
Thank you very much Victoria people and VHS to have stopped that rodeo from hurting/abusing innocent calves & horses..!

Typical Vancouver stance. You people are terrible. Next you are going to say I can’t eat meat because YOU don’t want to eat it. You make me sick.

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