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Does this horse look happy?


The photo above is of a bucking horse at the Calgary Stampede. Look closely at the horse’s face in the photo below. 


Can anyone honestly say they think the horse is enjoying the experience?

Rodeo promoters say that horses in the bareback and saddle-bronc events love to buck, that it’s natural, that the horses are “born to buck.”  It’s true that they are bred for a genetic predisposition to buck – an entire industry has been established to churn out horses that buck.  Yet it is still necessary to tighten a cinch strap around the horse’s flank area. If this kind of bucking is so natural to horses, why are special breeding programs and cinch straps necessary? 

Recently, a bucking horse died at an Alberta rodeo.  The rider described the horse as a “mean sucker.”  Who made him a mean sucker? Breeders and rodeo riders, that’s who.

And when horses still refuse to buck, watch what happens.

And when bucking horses are not good enough for the rodeo, this is what happens.

Why would real cowboys breed horses that are almost impossible to ride?  They wouldn’t be much use on a real ranch would they?  They are only useful for “entertainment” in the cruel circus called rodeo.


Photos: Jo-Anne McArthur




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Rodeos are cruel to all animals involved it is very very sad that people chose not to see this. Rodeo cowboys are wimps who torture animals for a living !!

Only the money grubbing Calgary Stampede and equally money grubbing yahoo cowboys at the Calgary Stampede would say that horse looks happy. That horse also looks to have conjunctivitis, but that couldn’t be possible right? They take such good care of their horses and they love them SO MUCH. Animal abusers and animal killers, that is what the Calgary Stampede is and has been for over 100 years.

Rodeos are just abuse for money, look at SHARK videos, great shots of the electric anal probe being used to make the horse crazy in pain – – these american spectators must be blind or just without morals.

Congrats for standing up for the rodeo. The horse died from a aneurism, and would likely have died whether on the track or in the barn.

Annie, the pictures speak for themselves. The rodeo jerks can write all sorts of ‘policies’ down on paper, but it’s meaningless. Look at the photos. That’s what is really happeningI


I have done my research on the rodeo industry and regardless if it’s the PRCA or IPRA their rules mean NOTHING. Do all of the rodeo members follow all of the rules all of the time? Hell no. Are the cowards who harm animals adequately punished with substantial fines and expulsion? Again, hell no. Punishments are hardly handed out and when they are, these bullies only get a slap on the wrist. Does this deter them from ever harming animals again? I seriously doubt it.

All of these animals needlessly suffer, become injured and killed. Do any of these animals forced into these ridiculous events look like they are saying “I love the rodeo!” All of this carnage is 100% preventable but yet none of these rodeo groups will stand up and do the right thing and end these cowardly events because that’s what they are is cowards. These animals are treated like roadside garbage every single year and this needs to stop! Who else would want to harm a defenseless animal? The only people that do enjoy these events are sadists and that’s the truth. Would you rope or harm your dog? Your child? Picking on living beings that can’t defend themselves that shows real class.

If rodeo groups REALLY TRULY “care” about animals like they claim they do, they would end these events. Oh wait, that would have to mean they would have to give up thousands of dollars. Money verses integrity. Hmm….it’s really not that hard of a choice for most people but for others it clearly is. As they say, actions do speak louder than words. Money and greed seem to win and the animals seem to lose every time

If you want the truth about rodeos:

And for those out there, if you really care about animals and want Rodeos to end for good, get involved with your local animal welfare groups and see how you can help.

Annie, if you think this is so safe and non-cruel, why don’t you let your kids go in the ring and see how well they would do with that kind of rough housing? Karen is right… The pictures say it all.

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