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Hear great new music and help farm animals!

We’re excited to launch our newest and most musical endeavour today!

With the help of Vancouver Film School students we’ve created a great new music album featuring 10 up-and-coming alternative-indie artists, both local and international. There is even a forward by renowned animal advocate Bob Barker of “The Price is Right” fame.

The album, titled Alternative for Animals, can be downloaded from for only $7.99, and 100% of the proceeds will go to VHS’s farm animal programs. Preview the tracks and purchase the album here.

The album is meant to raise awareness about the animal cruelty issues in the farming industry and give you a chance to help. See for more details.

Alternative for Animals will serve as a powerful reminder to people of how our choices and actions can either contribute to or alleviate animal suffering.  We are certain that when consumers are informed about the facts, they will be encouraged to reduce or eliminate their consumption of meat, dairy and eggs or at least choose products from certified organic farms. These options offer higher welfare for the animals and are better for the environment and human health.

Please spread the word about this fantastic project and support the movement towards improving farm animal welfare.

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Hi, you don’t have this set up very well, I always follow your emails and forward them, i can’t get to the music and i love your 5 page but i want to add that page to my facebook and i can’t. Maybe its just me. I love what you guys do, just keep on keeping on for the animals!!

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