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Giles means everything to PTSD sufferer

“She couldn’t bear the thought of Giles being seriously injured.”

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Giles is a sweet four-year-old boy whose guardian Shelley took him in after he was born in a barn and faced a lifetime of fighting for everyday existence. He’s been a constant companion and an important part of Shelley’s life ever since.

Giles’ incredibly affectionate and loving nature is important for more reasons than one, as Shelley suffers from severe depression and PTSD. His friendship is motivating – his playful and goofy demeanor can always cheer her up, and his sensitive temperament helps see her through the tough times.

Recently, Giles injured his leg and Shelley noticed him favouring it. The situation was a great source of stress for her. She couldn’t bear the thought of Giles being seriously injured and given her low-income situation, she needed help. That’s when VHS stepped in, thanks to the support of our amazing donors! Giles underwent an x-ray to ensure nothing was broken and received medication to help manage his pain. After some time resting his leg, Giles was thankfully back to his old self – cuddling, chattering and running around the house with lots of energy. His guardian was over the moon to have her friend back and grateful for the support of VHS.

VHS’s McVitie Fund assists low-income pet guardians with emergency veterinary bills. Often, it means the difference between life and death for these animals! Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of  desperate companion animals like Giles to get the help they need to remain in their forever, loving homes. Can you help? Right now, your donation will be matched by a generous anonymous donor!

Thank YOU for your support for this and VHS’s other campaigns to stop animal cruelty!