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The debate over pet adoption

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The Vancouver Sun has a thoughtful article by animal behaviourist Rebecca Ledger, who discusses the ethics of purchasing animal companions versus adoption.

VHS believes that “Adopt, don’t buy” is the best policy, as we explained in this previous article in The Sun.

The BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed explains the many genetic health problems created by pedigree dog breeders.  These problems have been documented in scientific studies, such as this paper in the Canadian Veterinary Journal.




3 replies on “The debate over pet adoption”

I think it’s a shame to paint all breeders with the same brush there are many great ones out there who are preserving hundreds of years’ worth of genetics. Yes there are irresponsible breeders who make many look bad. I am a huge proponent of adopting if you can and want to. Life is about choices, we can make good ones for ourselves and the animals out there. I have adopted all my dogs from local pounds and shelters and will continue to but I also have no issues with breeders doing things right.

Treating other sentient species as if they existed for us, are property, or are inert matter to be be manipulated for our pleasure (breeding programs, and “purpose-bred” nonsense) is ethically indefensible – completely morally unsound. Some still subscribe to a worldview that thinks only hominds have value. Why would those people even be interested in sharing their life with a companion from another species?

I will adopt to save a life. I believe there is the right dog for me at a shelter somewhere who would love to come home with me and have a good home. I have a rescue doggy right now, and 4 kitties.. but when I ever want another dog, I will adopt.

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