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Support Giving Tuesday on Dec. 3rd!

dogiStock_000015058316SmallMost people have heard of Black Friday, which is used by retailers to kick off the holiday shopping season.  But have you heard of Giving Tuesday?  It’s a movement to promote December 3rd as a day to give back and to support causes you believe in.

VHS has joined this important movement and we hope that on December 3rd you’ll remember the work we do for animals.  Right now, any donation to our McVitie Fund for sick and injured animals will be doubled!

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VHS reaches Scotiabank Charity Challenge goal of $25,000!

photo of 2013 Scotiabank charity Chicken Runners from VHS
Some of the Chicken Runners Team after the race: From left to right: Jennifer Kelly, Miles Linklater, Leanne McConnachie, Debra Probert, Alexandra Cadman, Kaitlyn Anderson, Liberty Mulkani, Anneliese Probert, Odie Probert (asleep).

We did it! We reached (and exceeded!) our goal of $25,000 at the 2013 Scotiabank Charity Challenge!

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, VHS supporters walked or ran in support of the Vancouver Humane Society’s work on behalf of animals.  To date, we have raised $25,626 from 273 sponsors of our team members. That’s amazing!

There is still time to donate (and you can check out how much each of our team members raised) – but hurry, donations must be received by July 8th.

Even though we exceeded our goal, your donation will not only make a difference to an animal that needs help, but it will also improve VHS’s chances of winning an extra $5,000 Scotiabank award for the highest amount raised per runner! We won it last year, thanks to many of you, and we’re hopeful that we’re in the running again (as of now, VHS is in 4th place overall).

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we’re extremely grateful to everyone for such incredible support. Every single donor will receive a personalized thank you from the VHS Board of Directors and staff.

Maybe you can run (or walk) for VHS next year. Watch this space for more updates!

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A remarkable champion for animals

Dog with AshleyAshley Fruno has spent her life working for animals.  She trained with VHS as a teenager and went on to work for PETA in Asia, campaigning fearlessly in places where animal welfare laws are weak or non-existent, where protesting can be dangerous and where life for animals can be particularly hard.

Now, she is making a personal appeal for help with an incredible project she has taken on in the most challenging circumstances.  Her story is here. Please help if you can. Like most charities, VHS focuses on its own work and doesn’t usually promote other fundraising appeals. But we’re making an exception – for an exceptional champion for animals.

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Support VHS in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge!


Run (or walk) for the animals!!


SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2013

VHS is again participating in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge on June 23. This is our biggest and most important fundraiser of the year! We hope that you will join us, either by running or walking the 5k or half-marathon, or by sponsoring one of our amazing team members. The animals are depending on us. Chickens, needy companion animals, rodeo animals – we speak for them all. Please join us so we can continue to help them.

If you would like to donate to support one of our runners on the Vancouver Humane Society Chicken Runners Team, please click here . Every little bit helps, and at least one of our participants will have their donations doubled by a generous VHS donor! Last year, VHS won a special $5000 award for having the highest amount raised per team member. We’d love to do that again!

If you would like to participate in the 5k or half-marathon, you can click here for the form – there are some helpful directions below (and if you hurry, your registration will be free):

Filling out the form: When you reach the Scotia Charity Challenge section, choose “I would like to create a fundraising account”, then select your favourite charity: “Vancouver Humane Society”

Create a username and account, then go to the Discount Section, and put in code 13HUMANE and your registration will be free.

Once you’ve reached the bottom and clicked “submit” you will see a box with a ‘transfer’ button. That will take you to your personal fundraising page, where you can change your goal, upload your own photos and edit your message.

As well, you can click here to join our Chicken Runners Team. Just look at those happy hens!!

If you click here you’ll see all the charities that are ahead of us. Let’s get VHS into the top 10!!

Thank you for helping us help animals!

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Food, Friend, Why?

Photo of "Food, Friend, Why?" bus back advertisement
Our ad “Food, Friend, Why?” raises an important and provocative moral question: why do we eat one animal and befriend another? Most of us wouldn’t dream of eating a cat or a dog, but when one considers the intelligence and sentience of farmed animals, it doesn’t make sense to consider cows or pigs or chickens as somehow so different.

We certainly don’t expect everyone to become vegetarian. However, it’s simply a fact that reducing or eliminating meat is the most effective way to stop animal suffering. Check out Raising the Barn or Eat Less Meat to see how animals are raised for food and why meat production is not sustainable.

We would like to run this ad again, but we can only do it with your help. The ad company has been very generous – they usually extend the ads an extra week or two without charging us. This means your donation towards this project can accomplish even more!

[thermometer raised=6222 target=7000 height=400 align=left currency=$ alt=off]

link to donate now at

You are amazing! We are only $778 away from our goal of $7,000. I know there are some of you out there who think the ad is important, but haven’t had time to donate yet. Can you help? It’s easy – just click the ‘donate now’ button. Even a small amount helps – if 105 people gave $10, we’d reach our goal! Thank you for all you do for animals.

Have you ever seen a hen chasing a ball? Check out this video captured by Director of Farm Animal Programs Leanne McConnachie on a recent visit to Rabbit River Farms (a producer of certified organic, free-range eggs).

[iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]