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Dairy farm cruelty – What YOU can do

Worker about to beat cowNR

Many people have contacted VHS about the terrible animal cruelty exposed at Chilliwack Cattle Sales, Canada’s largest dairy farm. VHS has published an opinion editorial in the Vancouver Sun, giving our reaction to this horrific example of factory farm mistreatment.

People everywhere are appalled at the unconcionable brutality inflicted on the animals and want to know what to do to help prevent such abuse.  Here are some key actions you can take:

Use social media to get this footage and our op-ed in front of anyone and everyone.

Stop buying dairy products. Animals suffer horribly by the millions in food production in Canada and it’s because consumers demand cheap food. There are now many alternatives to dairy products on the market. If you are not prepared to replace dairy products in your diet, reduce your consumption and purchase certified organic products. That designation means there is some third-party oversight of the farm with the result that the animals have a better quality of life.

Contact Dairyland (Saputo), which buys milk from B.C. dairy farms, including Chilliwack Cattle Sales. They have the ability to demand wholesale changes in animal welfare but they won’t do it if people continue to buy their products.

Contact Canada’s agriculture minister and B.C.’s agriculture minister. The Codes of Practice for farm animal welfare in Canada need to be mandatory and enforceable, with third-party inspections and on-site video surveillance.

Write or email grocery stores to let them know how much your trust in them has been compromised. Ask for concrete assurances with proof that this can never happen again and make it clear that you will not purchase their products until this is done.

Shop at stores with a conscience, like Whole Foods. The Overwaitea Food Group here in B.C. just instituted signage designed by VHS that for the first time in North America, indicates which eggs are from hens kept in cruel wire cages. Please encourage your local grocery stores to do the same.