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Appalling cruelty in animal transport

VHS demands action from government



Undercover footage taken by Mercy for Animals/Canada revealed that Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspectors failed to stop blatant abuse of pigs being transported to slaughter in Red Deer, Alberta. VHS is calling for enforcement of existing laws and updated legislation to protect these vulnerable animals (see our letter below).

Please contact Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Gerry Ritz and tell him Canadians will not tolerate this cruelty

You can also sign this petition (scroll down this link’s page to sign the petition)


October 16, 2014

The Honourable Gerry Ritz
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
1341 Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C5

Dear Minister Ritz,

I was appalled to see undercover video footage exposing brutal animal abuse in Canada’s livestock transportation sector. The video shows animals overcrowded in transport trucks without protection from extreme weather or access to food and water; pigs who are so sick or injured they are unable to walk being painfully shocked with electric prods; workers using bolt cutters to break the tusks of male pigs without any painkillers; and animals who were so sick they died during transport.

To see this kind of cruelty under the watch of government inspectors and sometimes even in flagrant violation of existing laws, as weak as they are, is shocking, to say the least. The video captured a CFIA inspector stating, “If anybody has a camera, this will be on the internet” and another offering to get an electric prod for an employee. It’s clear that they know that what they are doing is wrong. CFIA inspectors are there to not only protect public health, but also to enforce animal welfare legislation. I find it shameful that these kinds of atrocities could take place in a civilized country such as Canada.

Canada needs to bring itself in line with other countries with much more progressive protection for farmed animals in transport – countries like the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and the US. Legislation to protect farmed animals, who are raised, transported and slaughtered with little or no oversight, should be fast-tracked in order to ensure not only the humane community, but the public, that the government takes farmed animal welfare seriously. Lastly and most importantly, CFIA inspectors need to be properly trained to do the job they are supposed to be doing.

Judging from the number of investigations done in recent months at farms and slaughterhouses chosen at random, this seems to be the culture of these industries, rather than an anomoly. I look forward to hearing the steps the Canadian government will take to address these issues.


Debra Probert
Executive Director
Vancouver Humane Society

10 replies on “Appalling cruelty in animal transport”

Please introduce immediately the most stringent, punitive measures so that no intelligent, sentient animal must endure such inhumane treatment.
Canada can well afford the measures. Consumers would be reassured by strict measures. There can be no excuse for any mistreatment. Only humane measures of slaughter ought to be permitted in Canada. Halal and Kosher slaughter processors should be forced to adhere to humane measure, which are universal. We are not living in medieval times.

Ensure the strictest and most punitive measures are used for the treatment and transport and slaughter of these highly intelligent, sentient animals. The public will not flinch if costs to ensure the proper treatment of these animals are ensured. Look how much we spend on our pets! Pigs are even more intelligent than dogs. Slaughter processors must all use humane measures, such as giving animals (cows, pigs, lambs…) an electric shock before cutting their throat so suffering is minimal. Halal and Kosher meat processors MUST adhere to these same universal principles of humane slaughter. It is time for Canada to enter the 20th century!

These animals feel pain and terror. Please put an end to the abuse and cruel treatment of all animals ! Canada needs to stand up and show that we are better than this . Absolutely heinous.

The Honorable Gerry Ritz
I realize there are some humans who consider animals to be food or objects but they are living beings who have feeling, fears, joys, pain…
All living beings, especially innocent animals who have no voice have the right to be treated humanely, (except for the sick humans treating animals that way). You are the animals only protection, please don’t take that responsibility lightly and give them the protection they deserve.
Those men should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty.
Loreya Montayne

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