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A cautionary tale

Miley was very ill with parvovirus

Miley, a ten-week-old puppy, was sold to a family at the Abbotsford Flea Market by a breeder who had lied about her health. The family was told Miley had been vaccinated and was in perfect condition, but when the family took her home she fell gravely ill only a few days later.

Miley was rushed to the vet, where she was diagnosed with parvovirus, a sickness that can be fatal to puppies. The family did not have the means to pay for the costly treatment so they called VHS for help. We are happy to report that Miley sailed through her treatment without a problem and is now in perfect health. She is now a happy and active little puppy with a loving forever home.


VHS does its best to help sick and injured animals though our McVitie Fund, which is used to help with emergency veterinary care, but the demand for help always exceeds our resources. (Donations to the McVitie Fund are currently being doubled in value, thanks to a challenge grant.)

While Miley’s story had a happy ending, it illustrates the dangers of buying dogs, especially when there are homeless dogs languishing in shelters. For information on our ‘Adopt, don’t buy’ campaign click here.