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B.C. government asking for approval to kill wolves

The B.C. government is seeking a five-year approval for a continued wolf cull program, which if granted would total 12 years of killing wolves in a bid to recover caribou herds decimated by habitat destruction. Since the B.C. government started killing wolves in 2015, 1,429 wolf lives were taken by aerial weapon use. Scientists confirm there is no statistical support for this measure and that the study used to support this policy is flawed. The government survey is running until November 15. You can take the short survey here: Credit: We Animals Take the survey Tips on filling out…


A woman laughs as a dog licks her face.

Your input helps animals!

Vancouver Humane Society is planning our animal advocacy work for the next year—and we need your help! Can you take three minutes to fill out…
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The truth about rodeo

The rodeo industry and its supporters have put forward many arguments to defend rodeo. Keep reading to learn the truth about rodeo and how to…
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Big plant-based plans for 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of changes in food production and consumption toward fewer animal-based products and more plant-based food production and consumption.…
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Solving Bubble’s troubles

When 16-year-old Bubble began having trouble urinating, her loving guardian Hailey made multiple trips to different veterinary clinics. They were all unsuccessful at diagnosing the…
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Speak up for animals on fur farms

Recent media reports of the spread of COVID-19 on B.C. mink farms has exposed the cruelty and danger inherent in the province’s fur farming industry. …
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Max needed surgery

Max recently developed a lump on the back of his neck. When the lump broke open and wouldn’t stop seeping, his owner Margaret rushed him…
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